Want to run W2W's 20 week Warrior Training Program at your Gym?

80+ gyms globally and growing!
W2W's Warrior Training Program runs in many of the top MMA & fight gyms on the planet.

The Warrior Training Program gives everyday men and women the opportunity to step inside the octagon for their first MMA contest, via an intense 20 week training program.

No prior experience or fitness is required to join the program. It is for anyone who's ready to step outside their comfort zone and see what they're truly capable of.

The Warrior Training Program has transformed thousands of men & women in 8 countries. Since 2013, the business has grown from a single gym operating in Sydney to a global brand that continues to grow as we licence the program with premium MMA gyms around the world.  

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WATCH: SBG Ireland Coach John Kavanagh & W2W Founder Richie Cranny discuss what it takes to host a W2W program at YOUR MMA gym.

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Why license with W2W?

We only work with world-class MMA gyms, employing experienced coaches, who are eager to deliver a premium program like the Warrior Training Program whilst simultaneously growing their gyms member base. Importantly, this program attracts a new demographic of people who would otherwise never walk into a fight gym.

These are men and women who may feel too intimidated or simply lack confidence in their ability to train with already established members and fighters. This new pool of people will assist in increasing a gyms revenue base and also enable the gym to connect to new and untapped networks in the communities in which they operate.

Gym Owners Travis and Kisa Davison from SBG International explain why many of the top MMA gyms around the world host the Warrior Training Program, and how it has transformed their business.

Some of the world's most prestigious MMA gyms run W2W's Warrior Training Program


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