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The worldwide phenomenon that is Wimp 2 Warrior is returning to you!

Registrations are now open and strictly limited.

Some do Wimp 2 Warrior to build confidence, some do it because they just want another challenge, others do it because they want to look sexy on Instagram. One thing's for sure, they all exceed their wildest expectations and change their lives for good. If you want to try the same old thing with the same old result, go back to the gym or try F45 or cross-fit. But if you want real life changing results, you're in the right spot.

Watch the video to learn more.


Be in the best mental and physical shape of your life in just 20 weeks


Gain new skills and confidence through our world-class MMA coaching program


Access the exclusive Lockhart and Leith nutrition program used by the world’s top fighters


A priceless experience that costs less than a weekly personal trainer


Join thousands of people across the world who have transformed their lives

Different People, Different Backgrounds, Different Reasons


Mel, 26, Retail Manager

My why: To reclaim my life from depression after years of feeling I was losing.


Roland, 52, Entrepreneur

My why: Be an example to my 6-yr old daughter that you can make your dreams come true.


Jessie Skillen, 29, Nurse

My why: To prove I can do anything if I put my mind to it & not run away when things get hard.


Dan, 29, Trainer

My why: To challenge myself mentally, physically & be a better person.

Program Information

Training Schedule and Location

Schedule & Location:

Duration 20 weeks
Schedule Monday to Friday at 6:00am - 7:30am 
Location 5275 Ferrier Rue, Montreal QC H4P 1L7
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Start Date Monday 13th January 2020

Cost and Payment Plans

What would you pay to have an experience that will change your life? 

We’ll say it now: the Warrior Training Program is not a quick fix, it is not cheap and it is not just about stepping into a cage at your Finale event. It’s a 20 week, 5 days a week commitment that will transform both your body and your mind. It is an investment in your health, your mental wellbeing and your future - just ask the thousands of men and women around the world who have become Warriors before you! 

Wimp 2 Warrior will get you in the best mental and physical shape of your life. Are you ready to invest in yourself

Invest just $23.40 per session into yourself and transform your life! Our 20 week training camp is incredibly high value and includes:

  • 100 personalised mixed martial arts training sessions, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning and more.
  • Sessions run by professional, world-class coaches at some of the top MMA gyms in the world.
  • Protective kit incl. shin guards, 16oz boxing gloves, 8oz MMA gloves and hand wraps
  • A bespoke W2W uniform to compete in at your Finale event
  • A nutrition program from Lockhart and Leith, one of the best in the business, to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients into your body to meet your target weight at Finale
  • A private competitor forum to chat, learn and connect with your fellow future warriors
  • But best of all...an experience that will change your life!

We offer two different payment plans: 

  • Option 1: Discounted bulk payment
    • Deposit to secure your spot
    • Remainder debited at the end of week 1
  • Option 2: Payment Plan
    • Deposit to secure your spot
    • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments over a 4 month period

Wimp 2 Warrior Montréal Head Coach

Head Coach

Jeremy Rubin



Jeremy is a lifelong martial artist who has been involved with Tristar Gym for 10+ years. He’s currently the Operations Manager of this world-class gym, plus Head Coach and Program Director of the Wimp 2 Warrior program at Tristar. He’s a professional strength and conditioning coach as well as a boxing coach, working with both amateur and pro athletes. He has also been an amateur boxing promoter and helped coordinate 3 professional mixed martial arts events. Through the years of coaching, assisting and travelling with the athletes, Jeremy has built a respected reputation and network within the global MMA community and began Managing professional fighters.

In Jeremy’s words: “I have not only had the privilege of being a fly on the wall in one of the best MMA gyms on the planet but also been a part of the action, working with the amateur and professional fighters along side some of the best coaches in the world. I have been through, seen and understand the demands of this sport and continue to see it on a daily basis, what the athletes HAVE to put in to get a small piece of a huge pie. That’s why I got into coaching and management. Out of respect for the fighters and what they do! I take tremendous pride in helping these guys out anyway I can. Our relationships with our athletes extend past the gym walls and we truly are like a family.”

Owner of Tristar Gym and Guest Coach for W2W

Firas Zahabi


Firas Zahabi is in large part what makes Tristar Gym a special place. His approach, uncommon in a sport that is often rife with emotion and ingrained practices, is exceptionally analytical, in-depth and innovative.

As the head coach for UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, Zahabi knows how to build an MMA champion.

"I always loved martial arts more than I loved fighting. I didn’t do martial arts because I wanted to be famous or because I wanted to win a tournament. I always did it because I was fascinated with the art."

“People don’t know their history, Some people are born warriors. And those warriors, we need them. They have a place in our society. Let them play football, let them play basketball, let them box, let them do MMA. They’re born with that."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked by competitors when signing up for The Warrior Training Program, you can also view more frequently asked questions here:

 Do I have to fight?


How long are the sessions? 


How much does the program cost?


You can view all of the Frequently asked questions here

About Wimp 2 Warrior

Wimp 2 Warrior was founded in 2012 by Richie Cranny, holding the first series in Sydney CBD. The training plan was designed specifically for people with no experience in mixed marital arts. The goal was to take these people through a 5 month training program, including a fight camp to prepare them for their first amateur MMA fight. 

Today, Wimp 2 Warrior is a global program, being offered in 50+ world-class MMA gyms across 8 countries.

Over 4,000 men and women have successfully completed the training and challenged themselves to be in the best mental and physical shape of their lives. Wimp 2 Warrior offers a great way for people from all walks of life wanting to transform their lives through the fastest growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts. 


What is a Tryout?

A Tryout is exactly as it sounds – a chance for you to try us out! When you show up to your booked session, you’ll step inside the gym you’ll be training at, meet the coaches, learn more about the W2W program, ask questions, hear from past Warriors and best of all, try your first MMA workout.

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what to expect over the 20 week program, what the benefits are and most importantly, a gut feel on whether you’re ready to make the commitment. If you’re ready – we’re ready!

how to become a warrior


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Step 2:
Try us out! Come along to your booked session, meet the coaches and try your first MMA workout

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Step 3:
Pay your deposit and commit to going through this life-changing experience


Step 4:
Show up to 100 training sessions that make you mentally & physically stronger


Step 5:
Compete in your first amateur MMA contest & become a WARRIOR 👊

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